Photos and Video: Lasting Solution to Honda Ball Joint Problems


Honda ball joint snap

Honda is a popular car manufacturer in the world. It has won several awards in Japan, Europe and North America. Nigerians love Honda vehicles and it is one of the most driven brands in the country. We love it so much that we gave different brands names like: ‘Halla’, ‘bull dog’, ‘Baby Boy’ etc. As you are reading this blog, you probably own a Honda, know who has one or planning to buy one. I am a Honda user too so I am not telling you what I saw elsewhere.

honda hub

Honda cars are good but the major nightmare the owners face is the lower ball joint pulling off, sometimes at odd hours, U-turns, roundabouts, highways and so on. Honda also make luxury Acura versions that some have ball joint problems. Below is a list of, but not all, honda that have this problem:

1. ACCORDS and Acura equivalents.
a. Fourth generation (1990-1993): Honda “hala”
b. Fifth generation (1994-1997) Honda ”bulldog” and the European spec. Honda ”Bullet”
c. Sixth generation (1998-2002) all with N. America spec. Honda ”Baby Boy”
d. Seventh generation (2003-2007) all with N. America spec. Honda ”End of Discussion”
2. CRV’s, HRV’s etc
Note that not all Hondas have this problem and it has been corrected in latest models (2009 and above).

3. Rover 6 series (623i, 620i etc).

Honda City does not also have this problem. 95% of mechanics do not have this piece of information I am sharing free of charge.

Prior to reading this blog, you may have tried to stop this problem to no avail. You may have read materials that say that OEM ball joints are of high grade, regular interval replacement is required but all these sound expensive to me. As a Nigerian with scarce and tight financial obligations, you need a cheaper but lasting solution to your problem. I carried out a research in mechanics and stumbled upon the idea I am about to share with you. I have seen people do it- even my neighbour, and are happy. I am the first person to blog this. After reading this, you can drive you Honda car with rest of mind.

The steps are:

1. Take your car to a GOOD mechanic in your area or you can do it yourself.

2. After he loosens the hub from shock, tie rod etc,
3. Fix a new original ball joint the one you use is ok.

4. IMPORTANT! Wait! Before he fixes the hub to the shock etc, take it to a panel beater (most mechanic workshops have one) and ask him to ‘TACK’ (weld just enough to hold it) the head of the ball joint in three equidistant points, where it attaches to the hub as illustrated in the picture below:


Weld three equidistant points where the the ball joint attaches to the hub as shown

5. Give your mechanic to fix the hub. Go for alligment if neccesary. Thats it! Lafon! Ogwusigo! O kpari! Shikina!

N.B: If the ball joint goes bad after some time, a panel beater has to chisel out the welded three points on ball joint attached to the hub, before you can remove it from hub and replace with a new one and repeat the process.

What do you think? Has this method helped? Tell us in the comment section.

20 thoughts on “Photos and Video: Lasting Solution to Honda Ball Joint Problems

  1. i am personaly working on the lasting sokution because i love honds csrs than toyota . The fact is that even some brand of toyota are not left out of this bad night mear. the main reason why this happen is the way honda design the front suspention . I noticed i most cars even if the ball joint has die it may never just leave you stranded at one side one the road it still stay for years . So after my close observation i notice any car that has it shock absover atached to the knocle spindle has a better lasting ball joint because the shock will be doing all the load reduction and it help to save the ball joint life sperm . But on like the eod the shock is separated from the knockle were you have lower ball joint and uper ball joint if the up one fail all the system fails if the down one fails all the entire system fails too .so my reseach is to introduce 2004 hond civic knockle and shoch absober entirly . when am done with exsperiment is going to be a big party and lasting solution to all honda lovers .


  2. There is no car with out ball jiont isues every thing boied down to mainternance . as for me i still love honda than toyota becsuse honda has a better engine and move faster than toyota. Eod models are compared to camary not even corrola . Vorrola is with the same range with honda civic . The guy that posted this ideal has not real take time to analised how this ball jiont issue come aboug and i wouldt realy blame him. Please it is not the entire ball joint that pull off but the bolt and nut as a result of waer or old age . The wiight men will tell you replace a particuler part after 75 thousand miles buy in africa we only replace it when it brake on the raod in the midle of no were . I have been personaly doing reasarch about this ball joint and i have found a solution and i will personaly practicalise it befor i post the solution what is holding me back is the found . Yes the idear am puting together is to change the front knocle entirly and replace it with 2004 honda civic . that is making sure the shock is atached to the front knocle wich will rediuce the entire waight that means the uper arm will be eliminated .


  3. Really a silly solution. I doubt ur a Honda owner. The ball joint does not pull out at the head where u recommend a welding job. Its either the ball gets so worn out that it pulls out of the socket or the thread becomes worn and the nut pulls out. Take it from me, as a long time Honda user and lover, the only way out is regular replacement and using good Belgium ball joints as opposed to new ones. Thx!!


  4. my ball joint broke few minutes after i left third mainland bridge, at about 9:30pm on high speed, na God save me, my tyre got damaged and my wheel cracked, ive replaced the tyre and wheel and im selling the car.

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  5. Im about getting a honda baby boy but my terrain is not too motorable. How often do i need to check my ball joint because i dont want a situation where the ball joint will embarrassed me . Is there any basic skill to check without removing the tyre?


    • I have driven a Honda Civic, which do not have that issue. To your question, the ball joint ‘gives sign of pulling out’. It can be noticed on the steering. Some drivers have extra ball joints in their boots in case of emergency.
      BTW, bad road means that you may change your ball joint often. Tell your mechanic to fix a good ball joint and take it to a panel beater to tack each ball joints at three points as stated in this post. (he may object). Check previous comments to see who has done this. My friend drives a Honda Accord “baby boy” but the ball joint hasn’t pulled for a day.


  6. This is not a good solution, it will only cause more damage and expenses later. Always check your bow joints for wear. One thing that kills bow joints and tie-rods is potholes. If you live in a pot hole area you have to double check on your bow joints every 2 months. Av driven a 2003 accord since 2012 have never had my wheels pulling off because of bow joint. Do preventative maintenance and you re good to go.


  7. Thanks for this tip. I wish you could put up a video. Or pictural images to help some of us understand it better. Looking forward for that. I had same problem on my baby boy just last week and the second this year. With pictures I can show my mechanic exactly what I need him to do. Or are u in Abuja.? Cheers


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