Plastic Road: Have we come to the end of pot holes?

Posted: July 24, 2015 in News
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For years, asphalt is used to construct roads but a Dutch construction company, VolkerWessels, proposes to construct roads using recycled plastics in an effort to extend the lifespan of roads and construction time. The project called PlasticRoad is to be used first in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The roads would be pre-fabricated in a factory and brought to site.

picture credit: Volkerwessels

picture credit: Volkerwessels

plastc road s

According to Volkerwessels, roads would be quicker to build, taking weeks instead of months and that a damaged section could be easily removed and replaced.

Environmentally Friendly?
Asphalt increase the ambient temperature of cities and is responsible for 1.6 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year globally, that is 2% of all transport emission. PlasticRoad is predicted to withstand extreme temperatures (therefore can be used in cold and arid regions) as low as 40 degrees and as high as 80; last 3 times as asphalt and resistant to corrosion (pot holes)
Other Advantages
PlasticRoad can be installed on a surface of sand and can integrate other things such as connections for light, traffic sensors, water drainage; in the pre fabrication stage. It would also create quiet road experiences, need little maintenance, and good news for environmentalists, plastics, especially ones in ocean, would be recycled and used to make PlasticRoad.

This road could be slippery when wet. Another that I see is that the plastic may burn in case of fire accident on the road.


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