Nigeria Customs give “grace period” to motorist to pay Customs Duty

Posted: March 13, 2017 in Car Reviews
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On March 2nd 2017, the Nigeria Customs released a statement that a Grace Period for Duty Payment on Smuggled Vehicles. In a statement on Nigeria Customs website, “Monday 13th March to Wednesday 12th April 2017 was given as grace period for owners of all vehicles within the Country whose customs duty has not been paid, to do so.
Consequently, all motor dealers and private owners of such vehicles are advised to visit the nearest Customs Zonal Office to pay the appropriate Customs Duty on them.”

The order by the customs authorities has, however generated serious controversy among vehicle owners and other stakeholder.

The  Nigerian Senate has also called for the suspension of the exercise and summoned the Customs boss, Col. Hameed Ibrahim Ali (Rtd) to appear before it tomorrow, Tuesday.

The NCS is, however insisting on its stand but with 60 percent duty rebate on all vehicles that are of 2015 model and below. That after the deadline, it would mount an aggressive anti-smuggling operation, not only at the borders but all roads nationwide to impound any vehicle that did not have appropriate duty papers and prosecute its owner.

If this order is implemented, it would also affect vehicles with fake import duty.

Vehicle owners has been directed to visit the nearest Nigeria Customs offices to either verify the authenticity of their import duty documents or pay their duty.


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