Video: A brave 28-year old Lady Stops Car Jackers from stealing her SUV

Posted: May 27, 2017 in News
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Lady climbed the hood of her car to stop carjacker

A 28-year-old woman, identified as Melissa Smith, has shocked the world after she bravely stopped a car jacker from driving off with her car. In a video that went viral, the lady was seen climbing on top of her car as she attempted to stop the car thief from driving off with it.

Carjacker running to get away car

 The incident occurred at a petrol station in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA, when Smith got down from her car to fill it up with fuel. The car thief got into her SUVand attempted to drive off with it while she topped up gas but immediately, fearless Smith climbed on top of the car and clung to the carjacker.
After the thief realized that he could not steal the vehicle he came down and ran into a get away car where his gang members were hiding.

In an interview with BBC, Smith who was left helpless on the car as the thief ran off expressed that she did not consider the danger in what she did until it was all over. BRAVO!  

Video courtesy of @BBCWorld


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