Countries of Origin Of Car Brands

In this Post, we are going to list countries of origin of car brands. Chances are that we may in t know the country of origin of our cars or that of our dream car.

It is important to note that we are listing the original countries these car brands were birthed.

Some of these car brands have been acquired by automakers in other counties, for example, Fiat of Italy has merger with Chrysler of USA -Now Fiat-Chrysler.

List is sorted by alphabetical order of the car names:
Abarth – Italy
Acura – Japan
Alfa Romeo – Italy
AMC – United State
Aston Martin – United Kingdom
Audi – Germany
Austin United Kingdom
Austin-Healey – United Kingdom
Bentley – United Kingdom
BMW – Germany
Bufori – United Kingdom
Bugatti – France
Buick – United States
Cadillac – United States
Chana – China
Changfeng – China
Chery – China
Chevrolet – United States
Chrysler – United States
Citroën – France
Dacia – Romania
Daewoo – South Korea
Daihatsu – Japan
Dodge – United States
Dongfeng – China
Elfin – Australia
Ferrari – Italy
Fiat – Italy
Ford – United States
GM – United States
GMC -United States
GreatWall – China
Hafei – China
Haima – China
Holden – Australia
Honda – Japan
Hongqi – China
Hummer – United States
Hyundai – South Korea
Infiniti – Japan
Isuzu – Japan

Innosson Vehicle Manufacturing -Nigeria
Jaguar United Kingdom
Jeep – United States
Kia – South Korea
Koenigsegg – Sweden

Kantanka cars – Ghana
Lada (AvtoVAZ) – Russia
Lamborghini – Italy
Lancia – Italy
Land Rover – United Kingdom
Lexus – Japan
Leyland – United Kingdom
Lincoln – United States
Lotus United Kingdom
Mahindra – India
Maserati Italy
Maybach – Germany
Mazda – Japan
McLaren United Kingdom
Mercedes-Benz – Germany
Mercury – United States
MG – United Kingdom
MINI – United Kingdom
Mitsubishi – Japan
Mitsuoka – Japan
Morgan – United Kingdom
Nissan – Japan
Oldsmobile – United States
Opel – Germany
Orion – Canada
Pagani – Italy
Perodua – Malaysia
Peugeot – France
Plymouth – United States
Pontiac – United States
Porsche – Germany
Proton – Malaysia
Ram – United States
Renault – France
Rolls-Royce – United Kingdom
Saab – Sweden
Saleen – United States
Saturn – United States
Scania – Sweden
Scion – United States
SEAT – Spain
Setra – Germany
Škoda – Czech Replublic
Smart – Germany
SsangYong – South Korea
Subaru – Japan
Suzuki – Japan
Tata India
Tesla – United States
Toyota – Japan
Triumph – United Kingdom
TVR – United Kingdom
Vauxhall – United Kingdom
Volkswagen – Germany
Volvo – Sweden
Wuling – China
Zhongxing – China

See video below:

There are several other vehicle car makers which can be found on Wikipedia

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