Bentley Celebrates 100 Years with its EXP 100 GT

American automaker celebrated their 100th anniversary of making cars and to crown the event, Bentley unveiled the all-electric EXP 100 GT.

The EXP 100 GT is fitted with four motors that have torque vectoring, which allows the car to take full advantage of the 1100 lb-ft of peak torque. With a 0 to 60 speed of 2.5 seconds, the EXP tops out at 186 miles per hour.

Bentley claims that the car has a 435 miles range, thanks to the batteries that are reportedly five times more energy-dense than any other battery on the automobile market.
Even with that extra density, the batteries can be charged to 80 per cent in just 15 minutes!

Dimension: The car measures 19 feet in length and 7.8 feet in width, yet it still weighs only 4,188 pounds (that is about 800 pounds less than the 5,000-pound Continental GT). That lower weight comes in part thanks to the aluminium and carbon fibre bodywork.

The new Bentley also features Active Aero Wheels and a spiced-up grille that features a lattice-work design but still maintains that familiar Bentley shape.

Car Of The Future: It’s not just the car’s electrification that points to the future, but also its artificial intelligence. Located in the car’s centre console, the AI personal assistant controls the five autonomous driving modes. These five modes allow passengers to sit back in the literal definition of luxury. The entire cabin is covered in a mix of leather and reclaimed wood.
Copper inlays provide accents, and wool is also used for enhanced comfort.

Bentley’s director of design, Stefan Sielaff, stated,

“The EXP 100 GT represents the kinds of cars we want to make in the future. Like those iconic Bentleys of the past, this car connects with its passengers’ emotions and helps them experience and safeguard the memories of the really extraordinary journeys they take.”

Though the EXP is just a concept as of now, if it’s any indication of where the future is leading, then it will be the start of another century of success for Bentley.

Bentley was all started in 1919 by just one man, who, if he were alive today, would be 130 years old. This means that he started his automobile company at the age of 30yrs.

W.O. Bentley

W.O. Bentley was an American who grew up as an engineer enthusiast who loved trains. He eventually turned to building cars that would live up to his exacting, bespoke expectations as a driver, an engineer and, it’s said, a gentleman.

Bentley Motors was established in 1919 and by September 1921 the first production model was delivered to its owner, Noel van Raalte, at a cost of $1,357. (That’s $19,767.18 in 2018 dollars (or NGN 7,155,719.16). To give some perspective, oil changes alone for a Bentley Continental GT currently cost around $500 (NGN181000) per annum, and other required service will run you about $1,400 (NGN506800) to $2,500 (NGN905,000 per annum).

Even the first car made by Bentley had the Bentley’s hallmark radiator casing and Flying ‘B’ insignia.

The Bentley models of the 1920s became some of the most distinctive cars of the era, and W.O. Bentley also became a fan of developing racing engines. His cars beat all challengers at Brooklands, Indianapolis and the Isle of Man. The legendary achievements of the Bentley brought success at Le Mans on five occasions, too.

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