Russia Starts Sales Of Civilian Version Of Vladimir Putin Luxury Limo

Russia on Friday, 23rd August, opened a showroom selling its first post-Soviet Union luxury limousine under the Aurus brand.

The luxury car, the type used by Vladimir Putin at his inauguration last year, was a response from Russia to overcome western sanctions by reducing its dependence on imported goods and technology.

Russia has invested over $189 million (₦68 billion) in the Aurus limousine project since 2013.

The base version costs $274,000 (₦99 million), minus the cost of customizations, shipping and clearing, the Aurus targets customers in Africa, Middle East, as well as European and Chinese buyers.

Industry and Trade Minister of Russia, Denis Manturov, said during the opening ceremony in Moscow that:

“We expect a similar showroom will appear in China in 2020-2021,”
“The minivan and the SUV Komendant are at the testing stage. I hope to see the latter at the (Moscow International) Automobile Salon in 2020,”

The Aurus Senat will also come in an extended wheelbase sedan and a short wheelbase limousine version. A hybrid or fully electric version of the Aurus is expected to be unveiled between 2024-2025.

The Russian luxury marque is currently accepting orders for the Aurus Senat Sedan and limousine.

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