Mercedes Benz To Add “Baby Control” Protocols In Future Vehicles

Is your baby crying without consolation, do not worry as Engineers at Mercedes Benz are working to incorporate the “Baby Control” protocol into the MBUX System of Mercedes Benz vehicles.

The 2020 model of Mercedes Benz GLE shown in the video below has the “Baby Control” protocol, which can activated by the driver giving a command, “Hey Mercedes, Activate Baby Control”. The baby control works by automatically closing the window curtains, switching on ambience lights and activating the active body control, which makes the car act as a rocking chair.

According to Mercedes Benz,

In the future, our MBUX voice assistant could be able to lull babies to sleep – and their parents! Have a look.
The “Baby Protocol” shown in this video is not available in Mercedes-Benz vehicles at this point in time, but all of the features are available individually.

Watch video below, in which Georges, Vice President, Digital Vehicle and Mobility at Mercedes Benz tells us more:

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