Nigerians React As Anambra Lawmakers Reject Prado SUVs for Innoson SUVs

Nigeria’s automaker, Innoson Vehicles has been trending on Twitter since yesterday, as Nigerians react to media reports that lawmakers in Anambra State collectively rejected brand new Toyota Prado SUVs that were intended to be given to them by Governor Willie Obiano

The lawmakers asked for locally assembled Innoson SUVs instead.
The Anambra State Government reportedly planned to spend as much as N1 billion for the purchase of SUVs which it intends to distribute among the lawmakers in a bid to facilitate the effective discharge of their duties.

Why did the lawmakers reject the Toyota Prados: after they deliberated on the matter, the lawmakers rejected the vehicles partly because of the high cost of purchasing them. According to them, Toyota Prado SUVs are costlier than Innoson SUVs. In other words, it would have cost the state government less to patronise the Nigerian auto assembler which is, surprisingly, based in Nnewi, Anambra.

A case to patronise made-in-Nigeria Product: The lawmakers also called out Governor Willie Obiano for overlooking Innosson Vehicles in the first place. For them, there is no better way to encourage Made-in-Nigeria than patronising Nigerian investors. They want Governor Obiano and other state governors to come to this realisation.

See reactions of Nigerians on twitter:

Twitter user, Yusuff Azeez
@YusuffAzeez10 said,

Anambra lawmakers reject Toyota Prado jeep for #Innoson
Commendable move.
I have always maintained that if we desire a great country, We the people, be willing to take great steps.

Also, Charles Eyo also agreed that this is a good development.
Charles Eyo

All lawmakers buying cars must be compelled to buy Innoson vehicles. Don’t ask us to eat local rice and you buy imported cars!

Meanwhile, some people also used the occasion to drag Governor Obiano across social media. One Twitter user questioned the governor’s leadership skill, suggesting that he should have been the one leading by example by patronising Innoson instead of Prado.

Twitter user, Bane (@Shawn_fendi) said,

If Obiano was actually a leader, he should be the one telling his HOA members that they must accept Innoson Jeeps instead of Prado.
It’s extremely easy to score cheap political points in Nigeria.
But them we can expect Aguleri Sean Paul up have sense. #ObianoHasFailed

Uchenna Aomine even implied that the Governor has a personal problem with Innoson. After all, his predecessor, Peter Obi, was a fervent customer of the local vehicle assembler.
Uche Aomine

Obiano should tell us the problem he has with Innoson because I remember Peter Obi’s govt. being his biggest customer then.…

Another twitter user, the Morris Monye factor (@Morris_Monye) said,

The Anambra House of Assembly have rejected brand new Toyota Prado SUVs from Gov.Obiano describing it as a great waste of state resources.
They have asked him to instead get cheaper vehicles from Innoson.
Can the Nigerian Senate learn from them pls?

Note that this is not the first time Innoson Vehicles is trending because Anambra State Governor overlooked the Nigerian company to patronise a foreign car brand. Recall that Nigerians were angered when the Nigerian Senate shunned Innoson SUVs in a 5.5bn Naira purchase,
Imo State Governor, Emeka Ihedioha, also snubbed Innoson when it purchased hundreds of Ford pickups.

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