Security Personnels May Suspect Or Harrass You If You Drive These Vehicles In Nigeria

10473832_3e97ba3112474801b17f9dfcefd9b1ef_jpeg_jpeg407523a2808ee3fcd799460515d01628In this Post, Naijadriva is going to list some vehicles that even if you are legit in Nigeria, the police/SARS officers will still harass you because they believe for you to drive in these kind of  vehicles means you’re somehow fraudulent, especially if you are young, not to mention if you wear funny haircut/hairdo, put on designers slip ons, sag your trousers and so on.

Recall that we made a post about 10 Cars To Drive And No Military Personnel Will Stop You At Checkpoint, where we listed those vehicles you are less likely to be harrassed in Nigeria.

At this time that there is massive unemployment by the majorly youthful population in Nigeria, some youths have resorted to fraudulent activities to make a living, even the educated ones who doesn’t have jobs and the lazy ones who like quick money.

Here are the vehicles which makes you a suspect, especially if you are young:

Mercedes Benz Class: a recent popular song that shot the rookie, Victor AD has the lyrics, “if you no get money wetin you gain… If you no drive Benz, wetin you gain” made waves as it eulogize making it big and driving Mercedes Benz and if you do not, you “gained nothing in this life” This gained acceptance among the youths and became an anthem for them and fraudsters alike.

There’s no owner of this car that hasn’t been stopped almost every time they come by police or SARS officers. fraudulent guys jumped at the seemingly cheap/kind of powerful mid size sedan because of its looks. It’s sexy and fairly easy to maintain. This is the beginning of most yahoo boys Benz tale. When a legit person drives in this,he begins to have issues with police men and have to clear yourself nearly every time you meet men wielding guns.


Mercedes Benz GLK: this is an underrated mercedes crossover,it’s feminine in look but alot of guys like to have it in their garage. Once you drive this car and look good as a young man,you either have to settle or tell SARS officers where you got money to buy Benz. To them any recent Benz is outrageously expensive and out of reach of the young.



Toyota Camry /Solara/Avalon: this is suppose to be an everyday affordable muscle fine car,but the yahoo boys who don’t really pride in Benz or nothing else have found solace in driving this beauty and as such have made it a car to lookout for by Police/SARS officers. It’s a safe haven for an average man,but the police harrassment that comes with owning her is seemingly overwhelming. In recent times harrassing owners of this car has reduced drastically.




Lexus Es 330/350: a Toyota in luxury version, this car is mainly driven by low key rich people. They just don’t want to drive the conventional Camry and other cars so they opt for the Es 330/350 which is refined in a subtle way and carries presence wherever it goes. Alot of time this car is often stopped by officers but with a caution that the owner might be a legit worker. But if you don’t have a concrete proof, it’s dooms day for you in the hand of SARS officers.


Toyota Venza– once a young man drives this cross over, he’s a yahoo boy, even if he’s a driver, he would have collected like 3 slaps before showing proof. Most times, SARS officers believe the guys who drive this are fraudulent, though some are but there are still genuine guys who drive this and don’t deserve to be harassed. To the police,Venza na yahoo boys “jeep”.



Toyota Lexus RX 300/330/350: Police harrassment is mild on lexus cars compared to Mercedes Benz cars. These days when you drive a reasonable car, there’s a strong probability you will get harrassed even if you’re properly dressed. Those who are dressed officially are the few who might not get harrassed.
Trust me,the people who drive the best cars are the senators,governors and politicians children,they drive Ferraris, Lamborghinis,the real super Benzes like AMG/Klassen tuned versions and the other super cars you only see on television. They never get harassed.



What do you think? Add Yours.

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