This Blog is about car news, maintenance tips, Reviews, Funny videos, and what-have-yous.

“Naijadriva” was coined when I thought of writing a blog on my first topic:” lasting solution to Honda Ball Joint Problems”.  “Naija” is used colloquially to refer to Nigeria and “Driva” means Driver. I am a Nigerian Driver who wants to give solutions to car problems and share other happenings in the auto industy.

I hope my posts will be of help to you, fun, and educating.


The Admin, Adimike Joseph Jr. is  a proud Nigerian and a car enthusiast who has owned at least two vehicles (Toyota Corrolla and Kia Shuma) and had  four years experience as a Manager in a transportation business. I can carry out in some cars, basic car maintenance such as: oil servicing, ball joint and hub fixing, Mazda carburetor servicing, car troubleshooting and freelance consultancy services to would-be taxi business owners/transporters.

I am first to blog about lasting solution  to Honda cars ball joint problems.