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The engineer, Alex Ephraims from Imo state who became an online sensation after constructing a ‘made in Nigeria’ combatant vehicle by using locally available materials – was recently spotted with his unique car dubbed “IYI”  in Imo state.



Controversial Nigerian Senator, Dino Melaye, took to Instagram to show off cars in his garage in a photo that came with caption, “My Toys. My passion Noni! Talk oya talk”. (more…)



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 Australian drivers are have been urged by Choice spokesman Tom Godfrey in a statement that drivers to check whether they were driving around in a car containing the faulty airbags, which have been fitted in 2.1 million cars in Australia.


Lady climbed the hood of her car to stop carjacker

A 28-year-old woman, identified as Melissa Smith, has shocked the world after she bravely stopped a car jacker from driving off with her car. (more…)

Volvo Vision Deathproof 2020

Volvo Cars North America, CEO, Lex Kerssemakers, told CNN  “If you meet Swedish engineers, they’re pretty genuine,””They don’t say things when they don’t believe in it.”


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Scene of Blast cordoned off by the Police. Photo: Costas Baltas/Reuters

According to reports, Former Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos has been injured by an explosion inside his armoured Mercedes S class car in Athens. The blast was reportedly caused by  (more…)

Jim Hackett, new Ford Motors C.E.O

Ford has named the head of its driverless cars division, Jim Hackett as its chief executive in a sudden regime change, replacing Mack Fields. Ford said Mark Fields, who has run the company since July 2014, was retiring with immediate effect amid an overhaul of senior management.