10 Travel Tips For Travelers This Christmas

Are you traveling this Christmas? Naijadriva lists some tips you could follow to have a better travel from major cities in Nigeria to your villages by road. You may find this important, especially if you are traveling with your personal/official vehicle.

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How To Prime A Faulty Volvo Automatic Gear (Video)

An Automatic transmission is a torque multiplication device that is attached to your vehicle’s engine, which enables your vehicle to shift gears automatically with little or no driver input.

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Six Ways To Preserve The Resale Value Of Your Car

It is true that some cars or car models hold their values well (such as Toyota Corrolas) while others (such as Kia) do not but whatever car it is, taking the following steps would help it to relatively hold its resale value. But do you know exactly what you can do to protect your car?

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STEEL Vs. ALLOY WHEELS Which One Is Stronger? Hydraulic Press Test (Video)

The two most common types of wheels used in cars are steel and alloy wheels. There are a few other types like carbon fibre as well, but those are quite rare. The main differences between alloy and steel wheels lie in their durability, strength and appearance.

source: Hydraulic Press Channel

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Top 10 Quick Car Checks

Some car breakdowns are avoidable by carrying out simple maintenance. There two ways to avoid car breakdown, viz: 

(a) The first, and foremost, is to stick to your manufacturer’s advice on servicing (see your car owners manual). 

Does your car have a “flat tank” like Golf 3?

There are some car fuel tanks that do not have reservoirs. Such cars will stall, or shut down in motion or stationary along a hilly road. This happens when the electric fuel pump in the tank is starved of fuel due to low fuel in tank(reserve or below reserve level).

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What to do if your vehicle tire burst while in motion

The death of high profile Nigerians recently and many unreported cases have created the need to educate drivers on HOW TO HANDLE A TYRE BURST.



According to FRSC, There is no doubt that tyre blowout ranks the highest on any highway driver’s list of fears. With good reason, as tyre burst could lead to a complete loss of car control. With SUVs and MUVs, there is the possibility of a flip-over, too. A blowout is dangerous no matter how good a driver you are or how safe your car is.

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Know your engines: Interference and non – interference engines

Do you know that if your car’s timing chain or belt snaps, your engine can either survive it or fail? This means that there are two types of engines in this regard: interference and non-interference engines.

Interference engines, also known as “destructive head” engines are the ones that have little clearance between the valves and pistons and if the cam stops turning as a result of broken timing belt or chain, the valve(s) will bend or break. Timing chain warns the driver unlike timing belts. If you start hearing clanking noise when the engine is on, the timing chain is due for change.

picture credit: carpartkings.com

picture credit: carpartkings.com

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Photos and Video: Lasting Solution to Honda Ball Joint Problems


Honda ball joint snap

Honda is a popular car manufacturer in the world. It has won several awards in Japan, Europe and North America. Nigerians love Honda vehicles and it is one of the most driven brands in the country. We love it so much that we gave different brands names like: ‘Halla’, ‘bull dog’, ‘Baby Boy’ etc. As you are reading this blog, you probably own a Honda, know who has one or planning to buy one. I am a Honda user too so I am not telling you what I saw elsewhere.

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